Thursday, February 20, 2014

Working with command line

Hi Guys,
There has been times when I have heard people saying MS SQL Server as a right click database.
Well first answer to them is we have a GUI provided by the base OS and the RDMS client tools are intelligent enough to exploit them. Too bad they dont have the GUI to handle tasks efficiently.
Comming back to command line we definitely can do everything any RDMS can through command line.
 I started working on command line like 2 years ago and have now experienced that working on command line not only makes your work blazing fast but also you get to know the internal commands much more than when you use a GUI. The idea of working on command line was not new to me but then it was the challenge that I faced while working on the heavy GUI which is pretty cool as far as functionality is related but then it makes the normal administration work a little slow specifically when you are geographically placed  in a distant location from you actual sever. So command line comes very handy in situations when the connectivity is really slow but then you should be ready and equipped to work on the command line. So best is start preparing scripts that will help you in a crunch scenario and then its really feels geeky while you are working on the command line. So its kinda catchy there.

All I am saying if I am saying anything at all is that you should prepare your scripts and start using them on a day to day basis before you faced with any crunch situation.

Well to start off you can install SQL Server on a Windows Core to get the real feel of working on command line.

To start with you can start/stop the SQL Server related services from cmd or powershell.
CommandLine (CMD)
  • Net start mssqlserver (Net start mssql$InstanceName for named instance)
  • Net stop  mssqlserver (Net stop mssql$InstanceName for named instance)
  • Sc
  • Start-Service MSSQLSERVER  (Start-Service 'MSSQL$instancename' )
  • Stop-Service MSSQLSERVER (Stop-Service 'MSSQL$instancename' )

to be continued...

Tushar Kanti

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