Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Linked Server

Now there was this issue from one the developers when they are trying to connect to a database through the linked server it errors out. I tried to login and fire the same query it ran so I asked him to check again with the proper credential. He was using his windows login which was part of some windows domain group which I was unable to resolve. So I asked him to use the login the application will actually use. He tried that but there was no lock. Now I looked into the configuration of the linked server it was set to use the login's current security content. User was trying to run a proc which was calling a table in the linked server. So while he tried to execute this he forgot to check if the login actually also existed in the linked server as well. I identified that the login in the linked server was missing. We changed the security content to use a paricular login for the linked server to fix this.


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